Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions:

  • Are all of your items Lead Free?
    YES, All Products we sell are Lead Free.

  • Do you offer Quantity Discounts?
    Quantity discounts are only offereced on our Tea Party Adventure Kits.  Please visit our Kit Pages and you can see our current prices.

Tea Party Hats:

  • What Colors Can I Get Your Hats In?
    Our Tea Party Hats are available in Pink and White.
  • Will Your Hats Fit My Child?
    Yes, our hats are specially selected to fit Children and Adults.
  • What Are Your Hat's Dimenions?
    Our hats have a head opening size of 17cm and a 37cm brim.
  • Will Your Hat Survive A Bear Attack?
    Probably not.  We really haven't done much research on this, but we assume the answer to be no.


  • Will Your Gloves Fit My Child?
    Yes, our gloves will actually stretch to fit most hands. 



  • Are Your Teacups Fragile?
    This depends on what kind of cup you purchase.  Currently we offer both porcelain and melamine tea cups.  All of our cups are very fancy and will be terrific for your party.  Melamine cups are more sturdy and should survive being dropped of a table.
  • What are your teacup sizes?
    Our teacups are a "regular" size which is great for both children and adults.
    Our melamine teacups hold 7 oz. liquid and our porcelain holds 5.5 oz.



  • How Long Does It Take To Recieve My Order?
    We will ship your order by the next business day.  We offer shipping ranging from Next day (UPS) to 10 day (USPS Parcel Post).  All shipping prices are calculated in real time during the check out process.
  • How much will it cost to ship to __________?
    Our website can calculate your expecting shipping costs from the shopping cart.  Simply add your desired items to your cart, and you can get a cost estimate immediately. 


 Pay Methods:

  • What Pay methods do you accept?
    We accept PayPal, and ALL major credit cards through the PayPal clearing house.  Its fast, easy and secure.   (No PayPal account is required.)