Plan a tea party anytime to enjoy the company of your daughter, granddaughter, a special loved one or friend. The Tea Party Adventure Kits are perfect for a special Birthday Themed Tea Party, a favorite Doll Tea Party, a Teddy Bear Tea Party, or a tea party to simply enjoy the wonderful experience of sharing precious time with someone you love.


Tea parties can be held in your own home, on a favorite porch or patio, in a beautiful garden setting, or in a reserved room at one of your favorite restaurants.

Our favorite idea is to include your special girl in the tea party planning process.  She may have some great ideas on what foods she would like to help make and serve at the party.  She may also have some very creative ideas on how to decorate the hats.  This can serve as a very educational and creative outlet for her.


Another good idea is for your special girl to co-host a tea party with one of her favorite friends. This could be tons of fun and a tremendous learning experience for the girls. They may come up with some great ideas for extra party activities and choose some fun and interesting topics to discuss over tea.


The Tea Party Adventure Kits are great for Birthday parties as each kit serves as the Goodie Bag for each girl. The girls are able to take home a perfect tea party setting complete with a fancy tea party hat and all the dressings. This makes the Tea Party Kit an even more valuable gift.